Where and when do I send the rent every month?

Rent can be pay Check, money order or cashier’s check payable to EH.PROPERTY MANAGEMENT or Checks can be dropped off at our local office location:

    6880 65th St Ste 55
    Sacramento Ca 95828

Rent can be paid by mail but it must be physically received in the office by noon (12:00pm) on the 3rd of every month.

Can I move out early from my lease?

Your lease is a binding contract. If you do decide to move out early, you are still required to pay the entire amount of rent every month, until a new tenant is placed in the property. Per your lease, you are also required to keep on all main utilities (Water, Gas, and Electricity) throughout the entire lease period.

Security Deposits:

Your security deposit cannot be used to pay last month’s rent or any other rent.

What happens if something in the house breaks or stops working properly?

Any damage to any part of the property must be reported immediately. This includes damage to appliances, the interior or exterior of the house, or any features such as the A/C, water heater, or electronic garage door opener. Problems should be reported online at our website on our Repair Request page. In the event of an emergency, immediately call or text us at 209-915-1017 or 916-718-2193

What are the application requirements and fees?

Each prospective tenant over 18 must fill out an application. All applicants must pay a screening fee of $37.00 for background and credit history verification.

How do I reserve a home?

Once all applications are received and approved, a lease will be issued to the prospective tenants. When the lease is signed by all tenants and guarantors and returned with the deposit, we will then reserve the property of choice. First come, first serve.