How do you determine what my property should rent for?

EH Property Management will come out to your property to evaluate how much your property should rent for and what needs to be done to get the desired rent.

Does the price for management depend on how much I receive in rent?

Yes. For Single Family Homes, EH Property Management charges a flat fee per month. This amount is based on a tiered system where the amount the property is leased for determines the flat rate. The tiers start below $1100 per month ($75.00), above $1100 per month ($100.00), and above $2000 per month ($140.00).

For Apartments complexes and Multi-unit properties, Eh Property Management charges 7.5 percent of the Gross Income.

Where will my property be advertised?

EH Property Management advertises your home over 20 websites. This ensures that our pipeline of qualified tenants is full at all times, making it easier to shorten the amount of time your property is vacant. In addition to being at the top of the Google and Yahoo search engines. EH Property Management is posted on numerous other sites including, and,,, Craigslist, and Campus emails. EH Property Management will use its experienced marketing program to decide when and where to list the property to achieve the most success.

Do I have to pay for advertising?

All our advertising costs are FREE of charge! We do have some special advertising for niche property or unique circumstances that may require a fee or certain commitment requirement (Placement on MLS or local news paper for example requires offering a $150 – $350 commission that EH Property Management does not cover).

Who retains the tenant’s security deposit?

EH Property Management does. The security deposits are maintained in a trust account and we do not collect interest. After the tenant moves out and the keys are returned, we have 21 days to process the refund of the deposit to the tenants.

As the property owner, how involved do I have to be?

We strongly encourage our clients to take advantage of the fact that we are a full service management company. EH Property Management sends monthly and year end statements to keep you apprised of your bottom line. EH Property Management will keep you updated on every aspect of your property including the rental rates & terms, and necessary repairs. Our main goal is to do the worrying so that you don’t have to!

When will I receive the rent each month?

Rent is transmitted (Direct deposit or via mail) to an Owner within 8-10 Business days after it is received by EH Property Management.

What do I need to get EH Property Management to manage my property?

All EH Property Management needs to get started is a signed contract, paperwork, insurance information, and a copy of your keys.